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Image by Biel Morro

How It Works

+ A revolutionary approach     to on-demand solar.

In typical grid-tied or off-grid load generators, electrical demand for residence (or other load type) is often at the opposite phase from available solar radiation. Simply put, energy should be stored within a closed system and available on demand – not just when the sun is shining.

Image by Ricardo Gomez Angel

+ Ethical, responsive 



SunSmart is designed for manufacture in small CNC-driven factory environments. Our business model includes a commitment to utilizing distributed factories, as this approach provides greater employment opportunities. Additionally, SunSmart has two models in development:



EV, boat, RV, and tiny homes or cabins



Full on/off-grid use, EV fast-charging,

and disaster zones


We are working toward the ability to package all necessary tooling and electronics, to create a franchise-based manufacturing system – further expanding access to and use of the technology.

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