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Personal Use

Save yourself the complexity and hassle of traditional solar systems. The SunSmart solution needs only a few square feet of direct sunlight – and its panels are automated to track to the sun’s position and angle.


+ All you need is a small patch of light.

How do I know if SunSmart is right for me?

If any of these statements sound familiar, the SunSmart solar system may be a valuable investment for your household or family:


I want the benefits of solar energy but don’t want to “rent my roof” to an energy company.


I live in an area with frequent power outages, or use a gasoline-powered generator that depends on working electric pumps for filling.


My home faces south or southwest and/or my roof has lots of steep surfaces, peaks, and valleys.


​There are tall trees surrounding and shading my home.​


​I’d like the ability to utilize solar-generated energy at night.

Common uses for

SunSmart Solar Energy



Congrats on reducing your footprint. Now you can charge without undoing the benefits or installing a complex, expensive rooftop system.

EV Drivers



If you dock at a marina, SunSmart fits into small or narrow docking spaces, providing extra convenience when charging onboard electronics.




Whether to ensure uninterrupted power during a brief visit, parked on a pad during winter, or during long-term occupancy.

Powering an RV



A simple, small solar generator can make a big difference in enjoying without expending.

Vacation cabins or tiny homes

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