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The SunSmart solar power system was initially conceived as a response to the growing demand for and use of electric vehicles (EVs). Traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles are a leading cause of pollution and global climate change. Experts estimate that unless we replace at least 25% of ICEs with EVs, our global tipping point is less than 10 years away. At the same time, that 25% change would also permanently brown out the power distribution grids.


The SunSmart solar generator was developed to make solar energy more affordable and accessible, overcoming the challenges and barriers of systems currently in use. Our founders believe that given the opportunity, a far greater segment of the population will adopt solar energy – not only to reduce their own costs and improve convenience, but to help the environment and boost renewable energy production.


SunSmart is a research and development project of Access Institute of Research. Founded in 2003, Access has dedicated its mission to finding practical renewable energy solutions to combat the impact of global climate change. The SunSmart engineering team has spent the past six years developing and building a photovoltaic electric energy generator that is not only more cost-effective than its predecessors – it solves many of the inherent challenges of current solar energy systems and technology.


We’re proud to have met our design goals for SunSmart: two-thirds less expensive than current systems, reduced physical footprint at just a tenth of the space of traditional systems, and full nighttime functionality.

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